Transactional Accounts

We have a range of transactional accounts for all sorts of needs!

To help you organise your bills and for using your card, these accounts allow regular Automatic Payments and Direct Debits and are designed for day to day or month to month transactions.

Found an account to suit your needs? Simply contact us to open a transactional account.




Everyday Account

With no monthly account fees and 24/7 access through Internet and Mobile Banking, this account is perfect for your day to day purchases.

It’s FREE to make transactions in branch and we also have a Mastercard Debit Card so you will always have access to your money.


Open an Account

If you’re ready to open an account with us, you can join online or by visiting one of our branches.

Before you join there are some documents we will need, view our checklist here.


Bill Pay Account

This account is designed to keep your bill payments separate from your savings and everyday spending.

Open a Bill Pay account today, give us a call or visit your nearest branch.


Expense Account

The Expense Account helps you manage your budget by keeping money separate from your everyday money for expenses.

 Account Benefits

  • You can set up direct debits to come out of the account and can have direct credits going in
  • You can’t load a Mastercard Debit Card on this account - that way you won't be tempted to touch money you have put aside for expenses!

Open an Expense Account today, give us a call or visit your nearest branch.

Special Purpose

An account designed for short term savings goals. You'll have full access to this account and there are no withdrawal fees.

Interest rate- 0.05% p.a.