Term Investments

Could you be reaching your savings goals faster?

Term deposits are a great option to maximise your savings and have the reassurance of a fixed interest rate over a fixed period that you choose.  

Our Rates


Term                     Rate

       3 Months                 0.85%       

6 Months                 1.40%

9 Months                 1.40%

12 Months                1.45%

18 Months                1.50%

24 Months                1.55%



Minimum deposit of $500. Interest rates are quoted per annum, and are subject to change without notice.

Early withdrawal - If the Credit Union believes you have suffered real financial hardship, it has a discretion to allow you to withdraw your term account investment early. In these circumstances the interest rate may be adjusted to the nearest shortest-term deposit period prior to your early repayment request and/or an early withdrawal fee may be charged.




Getting Advice

There's no guarantees when it comes to investment advice. We suggest that you do your research - there are some great websites that will help you sort the good guys from the bad guys. A few options are sorted or consumer.


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